Queer Productions is a company focused on creating shows and events that exemplify the LGBT+ community by promoting the talent and uniqueness that makes this community remarkable and diverse. It is our goal to create positive imaging of the queer community to the general public and simultaneously build safe spaces for all the members of this community to be who they are and however they identify. By recognizing and celebrating the diversity from within, Queer Productions will be able to build inclusion and appropriately share from the many different cultures celebrated by each member of our community.

Queer Productions is a Social Purpose Company in the state of Washington. Our primary purpose is advancing the LGBTQ+ community through acceptance, understanding, and respect. We were officially organized on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, June 28, 2019.



Anthony Polimeni



Anthony has been producing events since he was 17. Now 20 years later, a decade's worth of experience in Vegas entertainment and a passion for the Pacific Northwest, he is bringing his talents to Queer Productions SPC.

Ron Weightman.jpg

Ron Weightman aka Serena Starr

Madams of the NW Host and Producer


Born and raised in Auburn, Wa, Ron Weightman has been performing and producing shows for the past 32 years. His talents, passion and creativity help shape and transform the shows Queer Productions brings to the stage.