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Events and Programs


There will be different events around the Queer Expo and Miss Gay Pacific Northwest USofA pageants happening to make this weekend even bigger and more exciting.

Check the Calendar for what events will be taking place.

Along with coming and enjoying the Expo and Pageants, get involved with the different programs from Queer Northwest. Be sure to check out our booth, sign up and get involved.

Some programs might be available on during the Expo like the Queer Consumers Opinion Council. This is being built for the LGBTQ+ community to give feedback to the companies participating so they can understand how to work with the community better and be a stronger ally rather than just looking at the "Gay Dollar!" Wouldn't it be nice if our pride marketing what coming from us versus an advertising executive? 

Keep checking back to find out more.

If your company is interested in being a part of the Queer Consumer Opinion Council and building your relationship with this community, email us at qlifeproductions@gmail.com.