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Miss Gay PNW USofA and Classic

has been canceled for this year.

Due to the increasing risk of the spread of the COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, it has been advised that all community events and public gatherings be canceled. Because we value our community and the health of it, we decided to postpone our inaugural year until 2021.


We want to thank all of those that have helped this year in getting this pageant ready. To our judges, sponsors, venue, contestants, hosts, volunteers, and everyone else that has been working to make this first year amazing, we appreciate everything you have done.


Special thank you's to Kevin Reed-Pollard our head judge and mentor throughout this year and Jerry Bird the owner of the USofA pageant system. Pacific Grill for always being consistent support. Heritage Distilling Company for sponsoring. Without all you, this would not had been possible to plan.

We look forward to bringing the Miss Gay PNW USofA and Classic to the region in 2021. Keep safe everybody and see you next year!


Anthony Polimeni and Ron Weightman

Promoters of Miss Gay PNW USofA


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